Thursday, January 19, 2017

The long-neglected website....

This blog has been established in conjunction with the longtime website Hearth and Home Witchery, a website I created in 2001 from an e-magazine of the same name I had begun with.  It grew into a lovely and large site that I quiet enjoyed building and sharing with everyone.  Over the last ten years it has been sorely neglected for many reasons.  Firstly, I suddenly found my relationship ending and my daughter and I were forced out of our home which resulted in my having to return to school and the workforce, filling me with such anger and resentment at having to leave the life of stay at home mother to my beautiful Pixie.  She was then diagnosed with Leukemia three years after and it has been a long struggle since to recover from that.  In the last few years I've worked and gone to school.  Pixie is completely healthy once again and will be considered cured this summer!  I have tried several times to return to the website and update it.  However I am very disappointed in the platform, the pop up ads are annoying and I am reticent to move it to another website and rely on paid ads to fund it's existence.  In addition, as is the case in spirituality and spiritual growth, my focus and priorities have changed.  My beliefs have expanded and the website represents the me of 16 years ago, a very different woman than today.  However it is a website I love, it is a work of love for anyone on the path, so I wish to keep it in some form.  I am debating moving much of the information here to this blog, as well as incorporating it into a much longed for e-magazine I hope to finally get up and running in 2017 now that I have completed my degree and am taking a break from university for another year or so. In the meantime, I will keep updates here as I decide what move I wish to make next.


"Mama Moon"